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Detailed Species Surveys & Requisites 

At Atheris Ecology, our teams are adept at identifying potential impacts at protected sites, for protected species and Priority habitats, offering suitable mitigation, compensation, and enhancement measures to comply with local government environmental policies and statutory legislation. 

Bat Survery and Projects 

Our in-house ecologists hold bat survey licences, monitor roosts for Natural England, and are bat carers for sick and injured bats. We have decades of experience on large and small bat projects taking clients from the first initial surveys through to licence applications, including stand-alone bat house designs. We also provide aerial tree assessments and pre-felling inspections for potential and confirmed bat roosts. 

Dormouse Surveys and Projects 

Our licensed surveyors are experienced in running dormouse projects and are qualified to survey, handle and undertake advanced techniques such as sexing, weighing and fur clipping, (if the dormouse requires a short back and sides, we can help!). 

GCN Surveys 

Our ecologists are licensed to complete GCN surveys including pitfall trapping, eDNA, bottle trapping etc. We have experience of large GCN projects including as the named ecologists on government backed GCN schemes, managing and undertaking translocations, and being part of District Level Licence (DLL) schemes. 

Badger Surveys 

We have many years of experience surveying for badgers from walkovers to using camera and sand traps, and food bating techniques. We have also undertaken set closures and built artificial sets on a number of projects including large infrastructure projects and domestic households. 

Reptile and Amiphibian Surveys 

ATHERIS has decades of experience in reptiles and amphibian surveys, including surveys for nationally rare species such as smooth snakes and sand lizards. We have specialists who are licenced to work with rare reptiles, carry out surveys, undertake translocations, and design mitigation. We are proud of the training we have provided for other ecologists in these techniques, particularly advanced handling techniques for venomous species. 

Otter & Water Vole Projects 

Riparian mammals form a large part of our expertise from surveying to mitigation and licencing. We are humbled to have trained with some of the best experts in the country. 

Bird Surveying and Monitoring 

We work closely with our Associates to bring about surveying and monitoring programmes for bird species and their nests on small to large swathes of land. We frequently complete general vegetation and building inspections for birds and their nests for site clearance works, more often than not providing a ‘Watching Brief’ support system during this process and comprehensive mitigation and compensation solutions. 

Barn Owl Surveys and Projects 

We often discover barn owl whilst surveying for bats in old trees and barns, these species often go hand-in-hand on projects, especially when working within the southwest. We can provide territory surveys and mitigation / licencing solutions. 

Habitat & Botany Surveys 

Our team have completed habitat & botanical surveys for large infrastructure on various road and rail projects. We have trained botanists in-house who can provide detailed habitat/botanical surveys using National Vegetation Classification (NVC) and other metrics, having gained much experience and knowledge from completing condition monitoring surveys of SSSI’s (Sites of Special Scientific Interest) for Natural England & English Nature (once was), for the surveying of woodland in Northern Ireland as part of the Woodland Inventory, road verge surveys for councils, surveying and the monitoring of National Trust Reserves and Sites of Nature Conservation (SNCIs) with additional habitat management advice provided for the landowners of these sites. 

Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) 

We can help achieve a net gain in biodiversity for your site using the Biodiversity and Small Sites Metrics. 

Construction/Land Environmental Management Plans (CEMP’s & LEMPs ) & Habitat Management Plans 

Our team has 27 years of experience in a variety of management plans for conservation, planning and development, environmental and infrastructure projects. This knowledge has been consolidated via a background in practical conservation land management and an ecological understanding through ecological surveying and consulting. 

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology) 

Our inhouse team are experienced in undertaking BREEAM for new developments. 
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